Art and Poetry

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Not only do the ranches compete in events involving horses and cattle, they also compete in the finer arts of being on the range.  Cowboys and ranch families write poetry, play music, perform in skits, and design artwork in a variety of media.  The skill shown in these artistic pursuits add to the points earned by the ranches in the competition to be the top ranch

The Texas Round Up Art Competition has achieved such success that it was awarded the Jesse Chisholm Award by the Academy of Western Artists in Gene Autry, Oklahoma in 1999 and 2003.

ArtworkPhotography by Leigh Ann Stout of the JA Ranch won first place in the photography contest of the Round Up for her photographs of daily life on the ranch. (from

JA Brand

FrostyPainting Frosty, also from the JA Ranch won second place for his paintings.(from

SteveTable An example of the various types of crafts entered into competition.  This is a handcrafted table incorporating brands from the participating ranches around the tabletop. (from